The author passionate about the sea and new encounters, a director and other professionals in the  industry invested by sea participate all in the first project. Then three other projects, joining hands together and realise new collaborations.

Today the team consists of a duo writer and director , but also six specialized editors.
 We can also count on a tv host and skipper, a journalist and host  who is multilingual. For the technology we can count on various operators  who are used to operate on yachts to provide the necessary support .
 Since the second half of 2013 , we are on the market …  ( We offer the best work possible in this world in the most beautiful environment, namely  the sea )

[trombine img=”pascal_yernaux” name=”Pascal Yernaux” title=”Author – Creative Director”]Author of projects, communication, design , industrial productions , music lover and photographer. Passion: Sailing, music, encounters,  ecology.[/trombine]

[trombine img=”philippe_glineur” name=”Philippe Glineur” title=”Director”]Director and motion designer for luxury and beauty brands, pubs and animated for TV and web series. Passions : sailing , travelling.[/trombine]

[trombine img=”deborah_geysen” name=”Deborah Geysen” title=”Teammate host”]Moderator & multilingual journalist , adventure, travel , exploration. Various contracts for Zodiak , Endemol and Canal + . Passions: Diving, sailing , aviation, travelling.[/trombine]

[trombine img=”olivier_guespin” name=”Olivier Guespin” title=”Skipper moderator”]Host , photographer and journalist.
Various shows and magazine D8 among others. Publication of a book by Gallimard : ” Before our eyes.” Passions: Diving, sailing, travelling, encounters.[/trombine]

[trombine img=”jean_paul_mouren” name=”Jean Paul Mouren” title=”Skipper moderator”]Regatta professional circuit Figaro solo, AG2R. Passions: writing, marine environment.[/trombine]

[trombine img=”edward_tremblett” name=”Edward Tremblett” title=”Editor”]Skipper professional navigator , shipyard, construction of  a proto mini 9.5m, theater actor. Passions: Sailing, music, theater.[/trombine]

[trombine img=”default” name=”Paul Vermeil” title=”Editor”]Arch. planner with the European Commission and various municipalities. Author and consultant in sustainable development. Passions: Sailing , cities , discovery and travelling.[/trombine]

[trombine img=”daniel_bay” name=”Daniel Bay” title=”Editor”]Renowned oceanographer and former director of the Oceanographic Research Center of Calvi, Stareso.[/trombine]

[trombine img=”raphael_van_sitteren” name=”Raphael Van Sitteren” title=”Cameraman – Chief Operator”]Lighting engineer for long cinema movies and chief cameraman for documentaries, short films and clips. Passion: Sailing.[/trombine]

[trombine img=”franck_marchand_maillet” name=”Franck Marchand Maillet” title=”Aerial Images, drone”]Since 2007, Frank worked on various projects for different channels. Ex. Documentaries, short films of sports or top chef and  many others projects. Passions: Aviation, Alpine Skiing.[/trombine]

[trombine img=”default” name=”Eric Faes” title=”Ing. sound”]4O years of experience in various areas from stage to studio, theater, dance, sound recording and production. Passions: Nature, the sound![/trombine]

[trombine img=”yves_gourmeur” name=”Yves Gourmeur” title=”Musician, composer”]Pianist, dir. conductor, songwriter.[/trombine]

[trombine img=”michel_depretz” name=”Michel Depretz” title=”Musician, composer”]Music for the picture and film.[/trombine]

[trombine img=”default” name=”Those skilled sailers”]I told you, they are there! Although no longer necessary to present our guest experts, here are a few: Jean-Marie Finot, Olivier Racoupeau, Jean Yves Bernot, Bertrand Cheret, Patrick Moreau.[/trombine]