Passengers of Eole

Series of discoveries magazines, developed in multiple formats 52 ‘, 26’ and 12 ‘.

During the pleasure of discovering the earth on a sailboat and sailing in these beautiful places, the desire was born to do this project. The sea, the coast and the port cities (of France) are spaces that are full of exciting stories and themes.

The subject is known and appreciated, but we will discuss it this time seen from the sea and Olivier and Deborah, a young couple , alive and curiouswill share with us their journey on board their sailboat.

The discovery, adventure, sailing and pleasure, on (more than 150) a wealth of destinations … A tour of France, another country or a trip around Europe to see more of the world . There is always something happening aboard Éole.

On a sometimes quirky tone, but always respectful of the traditions and the quality of the information, they take us to meet the people and discover the history and treasures of each port.

On water they let us discover the pleasure, marine, weather and how to operate the boat. Our couple invites us on board to share their lives and show us what offers them the sea.  Approaching the stops that we have selected,each location provides us with their identity and maritime access. This wealth will undoubtedly charme everybody.

On land, each destination is an opportunity for Deborah to develop a topic, a story and meet people talking about their region. As for Olivier he always knows a figure ready to share with us their experiences, knowledge, passion, anecdotes or his local culture.

With J. P. Mouren, a friend of the regatta, we discover the world of sailing race. A mind-blowing topic, brace yourself!

The history, culture, unusual encounters, sports and discoveries, but also tips and tricks “sailors / smart” of the Passengers on Éole.

The European Tour of the Passengers on Éole

Part.1-The Mediterranean Sea and its great maritime cities

Documentary series long format.

The origin of the project, its sensitivity.

 The second project of Passengers on Éole always leads us on the yacht, but this time a little farther.
 We berth in major port cities of the Mediterranean. From west to east and from north to south, we will offer a well-documented trail. The theme “Sea” remains central, but as well as off the coast around, we will discover its operation, balance and wealth.
 Then discover the city, its history, how it was built, organized. 
What are the project’s development. How shipping influenced our cities? Also talking about mentality, culture and urban expression. Meetings with key figures and discovery topics where the expression is marked by the sea and has brought our civilization to this day.

Also speak of specific projects, see what happens to the sea and extend human activities, there are so many challenges to be address. In some areas efforts are made.

Observe it and look for example what is happening around the maritime transport, fisheries, aquaculture and energy taken from the sea. Current awareness drives more economic players to take positive action to preserve resource. How the challenges of tomorrow will be managed? What the future holds of energy, economic and geopolitics. A new union of the peoples in the Mediterranean?


Documentary 52′

52’:One of the most beautiful sailing adventure of XX’s.

Left on a small wooden sailboat, the story of a crazy project,
a circumnavigation of two students aiming to follow the moving clouds, around the most dangerous seas in the world.

Runners Oceans

Documentary 26 ’52’

Tell me about, the foam of the sea …

Stories of great contemporary sailors and their relationship with the sea and the elements. They evoke so sensitive and deep, the origin of this extreme choice to be part of people of the sea The oceans with their characters and navigations encountered, places, memories … The tone is personal.

At the Éole, sailors Isabelle, Arnaud, Jerome and Alessandro  take us to a secret place they are particularly fond of. Approaching Bréhat, navigation will be done with traditional instruments. A few selected hikes, the surrounding is observed, it is discovered. A pure joy to comprehend with them the navigation finesse. A stopover on land allows us to discover other practices, other marine accents.

The next tide, we leave on the waves of the oceans and discuss the need to preserve …

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